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Three Steps for Managing Your Inner Life

My life has been rather unsettled this year to put it mildly. It began in January with my foot and ankle reconstruction surgery, followed by months on crutches. When I was finally able to walk, my husband suffered a cardiac arrest, with weeks in the ICU and rehabilitation hospitals. My life and business were turned upside down.

Yet in the midst of all this chaos, I had tips and tools I had been using for years. Now was an opportunity to really put them to the task.

Step #1: Capture – Write about it: I have long been an advocate of journaling. Throughout times of stress, I have written regularly to address my feelings, emotions, hopes and fears.   I have found that writing each day helps me find clarity and the small blessings too. In spite of the chaos, I make sure to write about the things that brighten each day. Once it’s written, it seems like it is so much easier to move on. Posting my updates on social media these past months has also allowed our closest friends to know what is going on and to offer prayers for our situation. I truly believe this support system has helped immensely.

Step #2: Make Self Care a Priority   What I mean by that is extra attention to get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet, stay hydrated and making time for exercise. I have set guidelines and boundaries for myself to make sure my body operates well in spite of the extra stress that comes from having a husband hospitalized for an extended time. I can handle everything so much better because my body is rested and refreshed. It’s not selfish, it’s essential.

Step #3: Release What You Choose to Let Go.   As a accredited trainer of Emotional Freedom Techniques, I practice what I preach and continued to be amazed at how rapidly and reliably I can shift my emotional state with EFT, also known as tapping. I recommend tapping just about every day to neutralize fears and ugly feelings that come up. EFT allows access to the body’s energy system for greater neurological balance, interrupting the stress response, and inviting a greater sense of calm. EFT looks kind of funny, but when you are stressed out and losing control, wouldn’t you rather have relief than worry about how it looks? You can see the process demonstrated in many of the previous episodes on this channel.

When each day ends, it feels wonderful to realize I’ve let the yucky stuff go. I sleep well and rise to a new day rested and ready for another round. You can do it too.

If you are interested in neutralizing negative thoughts and raising your positive emotional state I’m here to help. Just use the link below to schedule your complimentary consultation to discuss how EFT tapping and energy coaching could address your specific needs.

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