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Transformational Events and The Indigo Connection Community

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Holistic Business Mentoring and Energy/EFT Coaching

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Professionals can be successful AND prosperous while balancing their work AND their personal lives. Working with a coach can help turn dreams into reality.

All prospective clients are offered a brief, no obligation consultation session with Betsy to explore how a coaching relationship can be of benefit. Clients can choose a single service or any combination of EFT, business and personal coaching to address their individual needs:

Personal Coaching

IMG_4147Personal coaching is ideal for anyone who feels stuck and wants more from life. This applies to athletes, executives, leaders and anyone looking for more. Personal coaching can be especially helpful for people exploring career changes, reentering the workforce, or overcoming a significant life change like job loss, retirement, illness, menopause, divorce or death of a loved one. Regardless of whether your personal concerns focus on life transition, personal growth, peak productivity, or finding a more joyful daily existence, Betsy will help you uncover your unique life purpose and develop goals that are consistent with the sources of joy in your daily life.

  • Determining what you really want
  • Uncovering core values and beliefs
  • Finding your purpose and passion
  • Setting goals for career, health, relationships, finances, fun, personal, and contribution to society
  • Effectively asking for what you want
  • Using your deliberate thoughts and intentions to create reality

Energy Coaching and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

speaking 2013_2webEnergy coaching is an emerging field offering solutions for growth from a place of strength. Energy coaching teaches clients to use a variety of self-help methods, including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), ZPoint Process, Soul Detective and guided energy interventions to achieve greater daily productivity, confidence, while overcoming obstacles that may be blocking progress. Clients with complex issues can benefit from the assistance of an experienced practitioner. Energy tools can and should be a part of any coaching experience (both business and personal) because they are SO AMAZING AND EFFECTIVE! Phone and video webinar sessions are available.

EFT is a very flexible improvement tool that can be used for just about everything. Learn more about EFT at www.AAMET.org

  • Transform relationships
  • Let go the old and take on new changes, habits and positive thoughts
  • Clear stress, fears, anger, food cravings, physical symptoms, guilt, and MORE
  • Replace negative patterns with new positive patterns through the power of intention and choice in daily life
  • Heal trauma, grief and wounds of the past to reclaim your power
  • Develop your intuition abilities
  • Empower yourself with daily self-care routines to support you for the duration of your life

Seminars, Workplace Wellness & Inspirational Keynotes by Betsy

indigo meetingThe Indigo Connection is committed to making self-care and personal growth education and resources available to all. Affordable learning opportunities such as seminars, small group meetings, inspirational programs, and collaboration with other educators are integral to the core values and mission of The Indigo Connection. Exploration of spiritual business principles, leadership integrity, work/life balance, and the connection to greater business and personal success are just some of the themes that are offered.

  • Affordable monthly networking and EFT practice seminars
  • Presentations for corporate wellness programs
  • Keynote presentations to motivate and inspire wellness, success and balance
  • Physical and mental productivity enhancements through energy coaching
  • Customized group training or Continuing Education (CE) programs for the healthcare and educational workforce
  • Business training and marketing consultation for holistic business owners to boost sales and effectively communicate alternative healthcare options to wider audiences
  • Presentations on positive energy,  work/life balance, energy coaching and graceful aging for groups of all sizes

Click here to download a list of Betsy’s most popular programs.

Business Coaching for Holistic Business Owners

IMG_1713Business coaching provides education on business fundamentals combined with systems to successfully start or grow a profitable business that supports your life goals. Sessions can be held by phone or in office. Betsy will also offer counsel, encouragement, and support as you put new plans into action and keep you moving forward with positive momentum.

  • Fundamentals – Owner’s goal-setting, priorities, and life-balance assessment
  • Regular seminars, retreats and networking opportunities through the Indigo Connection Community and Energy Makeover/EFT Practitioner Gatherings
  • Planning for Success – Setting goals, written plans and tracking unique success measures applicable to your business
  • Marketing, Advertising, and Social Media –Identifying your target market and determining cost-effective ways to reach them
  • Financial Management and Cash Flow – Ways to drive your bottom line upward through pricing, volume, cost control, capacity utilization, inventory management, and effective selling
  • Spiritual business leadership fundamentals
  • Employee health promotion and health cost control


Times are turbulent and distractions are plenty. Wake up! Consciousness translates infinite potential into the practical, physical world of human daily life. Order your copy of Betsy's bestselling book Energy Makeover available in paperback and ebook (pdf)

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