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Honoring the Mother
I awakened this morning to the sensation of soft fur and purring as my cat Violet crawled under the covers for our daily cuddle time. She was an orphan kitten, rescued and bottle fed from day one. I’m convinced that this daily ritual is her way of finding a sense of that mother time she missed as a baby. Now that my own babies are grown and living far away, I treasure this special time for mothering and the Read More »
It’s been exciting to wear two shoes again, building an additional hour each day. I’m slow because my brain really needs to think about walking. I wonder what it will be like to just walk again without being so aware of each step and the balance it requires. My PT exercises are challenging me to balance for 30 seconds at a time on my new foot. This is extremely odd for my brain to handle because the lifetime d Read More »
A Special EFT Tapping Video for Control Freaks
As a healer who has recently faced ankle reconstruction surgery, I've had to use my skills as an EFT practitioner to accelerate the healing process and maximize my wellbeing. Today's video shares tips for using EFT to get a grip on the loss of control that is often part of healing. Learn more at Create and Connect Brilliantly and schedule a free call with Betsy using her scheduler. Read More »
Engaging Belief and Faith – Week 12 Healing Update
Monday April 3 loomed as a big day in my healing journey.  That morning I wondered if I should wait and write about it after the x-rays results and new guidelines for physical therapy were provided at my doctor visit. Those pieces of data are important, however there is something I solidly believe right now – my ankle has become very strong in the past week. Over the weekend I attended a yoga retreat held Read More »
The Lesson of Patience: 9 Weeks Post Surgery
I was so excited to finally begin physical therapy (PT) on March 7. This first appointment was about measuring a starting point. My poor foot, confined to a boot for many weeks, either refused to bend, or twitched weirdly when instructed to do simple moves. While painful to witness, I’m told that the assigned exercises activate the transplanted tendons in my foot and also serve to connect the pathways in my bra Read More »
Six Weeks After Surgery – Focus Turns to Awakening Nerves and Sensation
IMG_1807 This healing process is far from what I expected and maybe that is a good thing. I didn’t know my surgery would be as extensive as it was. The wounds have taken a long time to heal, according to the chatter in my mind. The scabs have finally fallen away during the past week and the scars are little lines with minimal redness. That’s one less thing to take up my mental energy. What is most c Read More »

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