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5 Ways to Recognize More Peace
Instead of having one word for the year, I’ve decided to explore a word each month as a theme for insight, connection and growth. The word for February is PEACE.   As I’ve pondered this word, the reality of pain in our world has me rattled. It’s interesting that very single new client who has come to me this month uses the word “anxiety” on their intake form. No two are the same, ye Read More »
Meet AAMET Energy Makeover Certified EFT Practitioner Leah Hadley
I  love training practitioners so that they can successfully integrate Emotional Freedom Techniques for the benefit of their clients. Meet a recent graduate of the Energy Makeover/AAMET EFT Certification Program, Leah Hadley of Great Lakes Divorce Solutions, and discover how she has used EFT to build a joyful life as well as a business.  It has been a delight to see Leah apply the benefits of Emotional Freedom Tech Read More »
Faith to Change the World
  Instead of having one word for the year, I’ve decided to explore a word each month as a theme for insight, connection and growth. The word for January is FAITH. FAITH is something that has not always been easy for me. I suppose it becomes easy when you have your darkest days, and something pulls you through. As I write this on Martin Luther King Day, I connect with a man who believed that all people co Read More »
Celebrating 5 and 11 Month Anniversaries
Today marks the 5-month anniversary since George’s cardiac arrest and brain injury, as well as exactly 11 months since my foot/ankle surgery.   Both events have opened our eyes and our hearts to so much learning. We are fully into a new phase and pleased to report we are taking time to celebrate and honor our progress. I write this as we sit at the airport waiting for our delayed flight to Phoenix, followe Read More »
Three Steps for Managing Your Inner Life
My life has been rather unsettled this year to put it mildly. It began in January with my foot and ankle reconstruction surgery, followed by months on crutches. When I was finally able to walk, my husband suffered a cardiac arrest, with weeks in the ICU and rehabilitation hospitals. My life and business were turned upside down. Yet in the midst of all this chaos, I had tips and tools I had been using for years Read More »
Honoring the Mother
I awakened this morning to the sensation of soft fur and purring as my cat Violet crawled under the covers for our daily cuddle time. She was an orphan kitten, rescued and bottle fed from day one. I’m convinced that this daily ritual is her way of finding a sense of that mother time she missed as a baby. Now that my own babies are grown and living far away, I treasure this special time for mothering and the Read More »

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