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Recently I had become more aware of how my business had shifted and how my web site no longer fit the way I was serving. That was uncomfortable. Simultaneously, my office was becoming more cluttered and stuffy. Drawers were packed tightly, files were disorganized and dust was piling up on stacks of files. This was procrastination at it’s worst! Stagnant energy, whether it’s in the office or in your body is not Read More »
Books That Changed Lives
On September 10, 2014 our topic at the Indigo Connection's women's breakfast was "Books that Changed Your Life". Each participant was asked to come ready to share a special book that made a difference to them. Some brought the book, others had it on a tablet, and a few brought it from memory. It proved to be a great meeting and gave us ideas for new books to seek out. Read More »
Change is in the air. That can be unsettling, but then again, when you think of life, you realize that it brings a series of changes. You can choose change, resist change, or let go and flow with it. Today I share 2 big changes that have shaken up my life and business. Both will require a bit of adjustment, patience and trust. Read More »
Am I Stuck or Pausing for Redirection?
A dull ache has been living in my head since last Wednesday. As the calendar flipped to September, I’ve felt scattered about priorities. There’s a long list I need to work on, including a major rebranding for my business, speaking proposals and a new web page, yet I’m not in the mood to work on those things. Watching the news and checking social media only feeds my worry about illness, poverty and war in our Read More »
When I decided to start my own business, my intention was to create a venture that was a natural extension of me. I wasn’t as familiar with the Law of Attraction when my company opened 9 years ago, but I knew what I liked. Building programs that included travel, natural settings, great food and opportunities to meet interesting people became a big part of the vision. A winery tour is a great way to celebrate Read More »
Rebecca Rosen's bestseller Awaken the Spirit Within was chosen as one of our reading selections for my summer women's group. While many of the concepts in this book were not new to me, the chapter titled "Reclaim Your Power" called me to think and act in a new way. This chapter challenges each of us to BE OURSELVES, stand firmly in our truth and to claim God's love, connecting with what we love and Read More »

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