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It's confession time. George, Dan and I made a very poor decision and watched The Interview last night via YouTube. It was dumb, profane and horrible. I am at a loss to find any redeeming qualities, humor or creative credit to give anyone involved in the project. I regret giving Sony $5.95. Don't make the same mistake. At least we are completely informed on the controversy now and can be part of the freedom of speech Read More »
Returning to The Red Tent
As I sit here writing this, tears are streaming down my face.  Just a few minutes ago I finished watching the 2nd and final episode of The Red Tent on Lifetime TV.  I should have known the tears were coming – I recall crying buckets while reading the book when it first came out in 1997. Roughly based on the Old Testament story from Genesis 34, The Red Tent is told through the voice of Dina, only daughter of Jacob Read More »
Wisdom from a Personal Sleep Monitor
Three nights of sleep data have been recorded using my new ActiveLink sleep and fitness monitor.  The results tell me what my husband knew all along - I am a good little sleeper!  Most sleep aps and monitors like mine generate their data based on how much you move. They report sleep efficiency as the time really sleeping divided by total time in bed.  The guidelines recommended by my device suggest that 80% Read More »
Lock in on Sleep for Self-Care Miracles
One of the questions I ask just about every one of my coaching clients is “How are you sleeping?”  I also ask if they awaken refreshed and ready for their day.   Those are great questions you should be asking yourself too. As a woman in her mid-fifties, I encounter far too many of my peers lamenting about how the menopause years are robbing them of sleep.  In spite of having more time to sleep now that the Read More »
Rapid Manifestation Happens When You Write it Down and Ask!
It has been a rather busy month managing the launch of a new web site, a new brand and 2 new speeches.  Having a new brand is helping me find more alignment between who I am and what my business offers.  The new Facebook page has 413 likes as of this AM and 3 5-star reviews.  This all happened because I asked for and received help from many great friends and experts.  Gratitude is flowing. Journaling and quiet Read More »
Perfect Days and A New Life-Balance Realization
Have you ever had a day when something became crystal clear?  Yesterday it happened for me! Finishing Claudia Taller’s new book, 30 Perfect Days, was the day’s priority.  I had set the intention of helping her by posting a review on Amazon.  Claudia was inspired to write it during an Artist’s Way with EFT seminar I facilitated several years ago. Reading it now awakened so many shared experiences Claudia a Read More »

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