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Why I’m Mad as Hell that FDA Approved this Female Viagra Pill
It was not long ago that I confessed to a group of colleagues that it I could choose the way I die, it would be in the middle of an orgasm in the arms of my precious husband. We all laughed, however when I opened the paper this morning and read about FDA’s approval of the new drug, Addyi, to boost a woman’s sex drive, chills ran down my spine. The imposed “safety plan” and risks reported (particularly in conn Read More »
Social media has been abuzz with friends proclaiming that they are either Wal-Mart or Target people.  I'm a proclaimed Target shopper and love my local Strongsville store.  As wife of a retiree, Target has become even more important in our strategy to live well and spend reasonably.  Last week I needed a few things before a weekend trip to my parent's cottage at the lake.  I let my husband know I was going to T Read More »
Engage or Let it Melt Through You? – Experiment with this Film!
Last week I watched one of the strangest movies I had ever seen. It’s a Brazilian film called Wild Tales and that is a most appropriate title. One of the tales in the film is about an intense and explosive road rage encounter between two drivers traveling along a scenic highway. I won’t spoil the movie by sharing too much here. Just know that It begins with serenity and ends with explosive violence. It is one Read More »
Top 10 Reasons to Splurge on a Trip to the Grand Hotel
Earlier this month my husband George and I took an anniversary getaway to Mackinac Island off the upper peninsula of Michigan. We had heard of Mackinac through friends and also from the 1980 film “Somewhere in Time” starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. It seemed like a great choice for romance, history and a special experience. The next challenge was deciding where to stay. The historic Grand Hotel where Read More »
2015 was the 9th year I have organized and facilitated a woman’s retreat in Lakeside on Lake Erie. Experience has allowed me to keep growing the systems that assure delivery of a weekend experience to serve the needs of a diverse group. There are many moving parts and while it may look easy from the outside, it is hardly that! The retreat weekend pushes me and challenges my boundaries, especially when it com Read More »
Be the Force Creating Safety!
Are you a force creating safety or chaos? Any one who wishes to be of greater influence must cultivate the ability to skillfully balance change while also creating trust, safety and a sense of hope.   You can be that kind of change agent! As a coach specializing in strategies to neutralize chaos, unpleasant thoughts, ugly memories and fears, I now realize that the foundation to all of this is mastering the 5 ke Read More »

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