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Let me begin by thanking all of you for your prayers, cards and personal messages. It was with mixed feelings that I chose to share the news about my husband’s brother Michael Muller’s sudden passing in my newsletter and social media posts. My husband is a very private person. After hitting that SEND key, I was overcome with a sense of dread. I worried that he felt I had betrayed him. I did it because I wanted hi Read More »
What if…….
What if..... we each decided to pursue a larger circle of friendship, including people from all cultures, religions, political orientations, ages, education levels and belief systems? What if, instead of "unfriending" them or arguing, we simply listened and let them say what they need to say. Rather than fight or get angry, maybe we can all get busy being our very best selves, using our talents and seeing that sa Read More »
Healing the Complicated Emotions Connected to Mothers
Yesterday I ran into a friend while grocery shopping. She’s had a tough year and recently lost her mom after a battle with cancer. As I saw her, it hit me that Mother’s Day this Sunday is going to be a tough one. I offered a hug and acknowledgement for how painful this time must be for her. I could feel her intense struggle and honored it. It is comforting to remind myself that this friend knows about EFT/ta Read More »
EFT and an Unexpected Lesson from a Wiggling Audience
You never know where your next lesson will come from. Mine came from a group of nine exuberant 6-year olds. Last night I accepted an invitation from my friend Nicole Vigh to face this new challenge as a professional speaker. The topic was COURAGE and I had 20 minutes. How hard could that be after speaking on Confidence the night before for NAWBO Cleveland? In a circle around me the nine: all wiggling, chatte Read More »
Feeling Stuck?  Get Curious!
Have you ever felt a stuck while working on an important creative project?  It's hard to believe that my business turned 10 years old on Oct. 12. During the past month, I've been re-writing my business plan and considering what to create in the next 10 years. I was feeling stuck, needed inspiration and prayed for help. Almost instantly an invitation came to join my friend Carmel Lapa on a cruise from NYC to Quebec Read More »
It's been a joy working with Pat Altvater and www.NEOhioBizTVShows.com to create and share short videos. This is the first of the series we are working on for the Create and Connect Brilliantly Channel. More will be coming soon. If you are a business owner in NE Ohio who could benefit from having video resources for your clients and prospects, I hope you'll get in touch with Pat and tell her Betsy sent you. Read More »

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