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Be the Force Creating Safety!
Are you a force creating safety or chaos? Any one who wishes to be of greater influence must cultivate the ability to skillfully balance change while also creating trust, safety and a sense of hope.   You can be that kind of change agent! As a coach specializing in strategies to neutralize chaos, unpleasant thoughts, ugly memories and fears, I now realize that the foundation to all of this is mastering the 5 ke Read More »
Happy Valentine’s Day – Recipes for Love
  On lucky Friday the 13th, I had the pleasure of hosting a group of women in my home for The Red Tent Retreat.  My intention was to create a safe and nurturing setting for a day of friendship, open sharing, meditation with movement, beaded bracelet making and discussion of Anita Diamant's book, The Red Tent.  Food was also given a starring role for bonding in the kitchen and around the table.  Many reci Read More »
Words to Nurture a Fearless Life
Happy Groundhogs Day.  One of my projects this week is preparing for a seminar called Nurturing a Fearless Life.  The seminar will focus on many aspects of fear including the physical response, thoughts, beliefs, memories and words.  Because the spoken word is strong medicine, I want to share some common fearful statements along with a statement that neutralizes fear.  Notice which negative statements most reson Read More »
5 Choices That Reliably Lift You Up…PLUS an Invitation to Soar!
This is the time of year I am often approached timidly by people who are very concerned about someone they love who has sunk into a low place. I know how heartbreaking it can be to see someone in a state of despair or self-hatred because it happens regularly in my work. The good news is that I have also seen those dark clouds fall away. Whether it is you, or someone you love, I humbly offer these 5 suggestions to he Read More »
It's confession time. George, Dan and I made a very poor decision and watched The Interview last night via YouTube. It was dumb, profane and horrible. I am at a loss to find any redeeming qualities, humor or creative credit to give anyone involved in the project. I regret giving Sony $5.95. Don't make the same mistake. At least we are completely informed on the controversy now and can be part of the freedom of speech Read More »
Returning to The Red Tent
As I sit here writing this, tears are streaming down my face.  Just a few minutes ago I finished watching the 2nd and final episode of The Red Tent on Lifetime TV.  I should have known the tears were coming – I recall crying buckets while reading the book when it first came out in 1997. Roughly based on the Old Testament story from Genesis 34, The Red Tent is told through the voice of Dina, only daughter of Jacob Read More »

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