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Six Weeks After Surgery – Focus Turns to Awakening Nerves and Sensation
IMG_1807 This healing process is far from what I expected and maybe that is a good thing. I didn’t know my surgery would be as extensive as it was. The wounds have taken a long time to heal, according to the chatter in my mind. The scabs have finally fallen away during the past week and the scars are little lines with minimal redness. That’s one less thing to take up my mental energy. What is most c Read More »
5 Weeks Post-Surgery: Healing Into My Bones
Today marks 5 weeks since the surgery and after celebrating the removal of my cast, new priorities have emerged for focus.   X-Rays taken last Friday raised concerns that my bones were not healing as well as might be expected. Up to that point, I had no idea my bones had been all cut up and screwed back together as part of the process. YIKES! No weight bearing for another month and I am disappointed about that. Read More »
Post-Surgery Day 31 – Out of the Cast Means Facing New Fears
Yesterday something incredible happened. The full moon must have had something to do with it! I thought I was going in to get a new cast on this ankle for the next 2 weeks, but the doctor came in and gave me the best news I could imagine - I could choose a removable boot instead of another cast. Of course I wanted the boot! Instead of enjoying the moment, I immediately found my mind worrying about lots of thin Read More »
Now that four full weeks have passed since surgery, my situation often feels as though nothing is happening. While there’s no real pain, my wounds are inaccessible and foot unbendable. I’m stuck in a cast for another 17 days and dismayed at how much my foot throbs when I try to sit normally at my desk or hobble around on the crutches for any length of time. I would have expected to be past this by now. Sud Read More »
Post Surgery Day 17 – Accepting Another 4 Weeks in a Cast
I was eager for today’s appointment with my surgeon for suture removal and hopeful for additional information about my progress. As we drive to the appointment, I realize that this is the first time I have left my house in 14 days. That alone seems so hard to believe. On arrival at CCF Independence, we are taken back to the “cast room” in Orthopedics. Edgar the personable technician we enjoyed meeting 2 week Read More »

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